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Lakai x Our Life

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Raven Tershy loaded up his van with the Our Life and Lakai crews and headed from Oakland up to the Northwest.

A month long journey up the West Coast with nothing but boards, beers, and bips, all put together by the guy who brought you the infamous “House Vid,” Aaron Chilen.

Featuring: Raven Tershy, Cody Chapman, Jafin Garvey, and D’Ontae Smith

Patrick Reins 24-pack

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Last year Lakai Footwear rider Patrick Reins’ six pack for On The Roll was chosen as the best six pack of the year. The main prize was a lot of beers and to produce a 24 pack! Check out the video at On The Roll.nl to see some ripping of the happiest skater of The Netherlands and watch his banging 6-pack below:

Six Pack – Patrick Reins from On The Roll on Vimeo.

Magic van Heeswijk Dutch Champion skateboarding!

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Damn boy, Magic is on a winning streak! Just two weeks ago Magic (representing Lakai and Cliché) was crowned Junior Dutch Championship skateboarding, and now he even beat the big boys! Congrats and well deserved Magic, keep on going!!

Results Dutch Championships Skateboarding 2016:
1. Magic van Heeswijk €2500 (Cliché, Lakai)
2. Douwe Macare €1250 (Thunder, Spitfire)
3. Sjoerd Vissers €750
4. Bart Buikman: €350
5. Robbin de Wit: €150 (Lakai, Almost, Thunder, Bones)

Check out the highlights in this video by Flatspot Magazine below.